Commercial Building

Don’t risk damage to the glass surface of your new windows to just anyone. Utilizing specialized techniques to remove construction debris from commercial or residential windows without damaging the glass surface, Bright and Clear Window Cleaning has years of experience with all levels of difficulty in construction clean up.

Commercial Washing is an Investment in Customer Satisfaction

An attractive business or storefront will attract the attention of potential customers and new clientele. Parking lots are dealt daily doses of grease, oil and salt that become impacted and ground in by foot traffic and vehicles. Long-standing stains and embedded grime are unpleasant sights and can weaken bonding agents in concrete, brick and tile, causing materials to deteriorate prematurely. Midwest Tidal Wave will keep signs readable, awnings clean, and entranceways and parking areas inviting. If well-known companies like Hy-Vee, Casey’s and Kum & Go trust us, you know you can too!

Window Cleaning

Bright & Clear Solutions provides window cleaning using the most efficient tools for the project. Our specialty area is low to mid-rise buildings and pole work, including the use of new technology with water fed pole systems. Add the ownership of many different style lifts and Bright & Clear has all the equipment needed to meet your commercial window cleaning needs at an affordable price.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Performing services at all heights, Bright & Clear is certified through the International Window Cleaners Association & the Scaffolding Industry (SIAI) to do those tough high rise jobs. Even those tough interior areas like multi-story atriums are no problem with our specialty lift.

Graffiti Removal

It is unbelievable that this surface has no evidence of graffiti.

Pressure Washing Surfaces

We are experts at cleaning building surfaces. from sidewalk gum removal, mold on walls, and pollutants. Our chemicals do not harm surfaces or plants. We can pressure wash at all heights. See our picture gallery for how we clean high rise buildings.

Brick Sealant

We can seal brick to prevent water leaching, leaks, and efflorescence of brick


We can caulk to stop water and air leaks using our high rise equipment.

Light bulb changing & relamping

We can change those hard to reach lights with lifts or special ladders.

Hard water removal from Glass & Brick

Its expensive to replace glass from hard water deposits due to sprinkler systems or pre-cast lime residue. let us remove the deposits with our buffing equipment and solution.

Brass & Stainless Polishing/Cleaning

We clean and polish brass and stainless handles, signs, statues, fountains & door frames.

Ice Dam Removal and Roof De-Icing

Ice on your roof? Don’t let ice damage your roof, eaves, siding. When it starts to melt it can run under your roof to your interior or even worse cause an electrical fire. Bright and Clear Solutions will melt away the ice dam without damaging the roofing material. This process is faster and cheaper than traditional roofing contractor methods. We do both residential and commercial roofs.